• The Art Gallery as Art - New Impressions Series

    In collaboration with Derby artist Jack Halford, Michael St.Mark's 2012 concept of positing the UK's major galleries are also art in themselves, as a means of Democratizing Art TM is here further broadened to include frottage impressions of the exterior gallery walls, using acrylic paint and oil pastels on artist paper in A3 & A4 sizes. Linkback to The Art Gallery as Art  from 2013.

    The first series in this new conceptual direction for the frottage technique ( details & history here ), was created using the north wall of the Hayward Gallery, South Bank on Wednesday 18th March 2015. (Documentary photos below.)

    * Note.  No damage to the walls or residual paint marks were left as a result of the making of these Works.

    Hayward gallery impressions 1 - 3Jack Halford creating HGI No. 4

    Michael St.Mark; HGI No.6

    Top; Jack Halford at Hayward Gallery with Impressions Nos 1-3  &  mid-creation of HGI No 5 ( all acrylics )
    Above; Michael St. Mark creating Hayward Gallery Impressions No 6 ( oil pastel ) YouTube docu video to follow


    Hayward Gallery Impression No 6       Hayward Gallery Impression No 3

    HG Impression No 6 & Impression No 3 ( of a triptych of acrylic impressions ( see top page) )


    Tate Modern Impression No1Tate Britain Impression No. 1Saatchi Gallery impression No. 1

    Further frottage Works ( using oil pastels through artists' paper ) in the Art Gallery as Art series, using the exterior walls of Tate Modern, Tate Britain and Saatchi galleries. ( Blurred effect created by each of the the rough external wall textures of the galleries is actual and not a focusing error. )

    For purchase availability on all the above Works please contact the 691 Gallery

    About London Dada

  • Work No. 755: Type II Warren ( Easter Special )

    Diabetes Type 2

    London Dada Easter special 2015
    The chocolate rabbits of mass destruction, waiting to pounce on a pancreas within 15 minutes of ingestion.
    *Public health educational Work in the stead of token toothless (ptp) 'warnings' on the dangers of refined sugar from HM Govt. health watchdogs

  • Work No. 754; Extinguishing the Sun

    solar eclipse 2015sun fountainlight fountain
      Extinguishing the Sun ( am & pm )
      c. Michael St.Mark 2015

    Posted on the morning of the partial solar eclipse ( 20th March) that few people will get to see, due to the unrelenting overhead blanket of greyness that's been covering most of the country recently...
    * update..
    only to clear to unbroken bue sky after noon

    Comment on the futility of man's attempts to control nature

    Fountain, Welwyn Garden City, Herts.
    Edition of 25 fine art giclee prints on Ilford Pearl
    24" x 18"
    £300 ( unframed )

    Purchase / Archives

    About London Dada

  • Work No. 753; Oik the reptilian shape-shifting chancellor

    George OsborneGeorge Osborne 3
    Oik, the Shape-Shifting Chancellor true face ( Two-part Work )
    c. Art Axis 2015

    Discarded Evening Standard  ( another Tory-owned rag ) front page, left on a 2nd class passenger seat, Network Rail.
    Budget Day, 2015.
    Subject to " Scrunch Art ", or "crumple art", a selective physical crease manipulation of figurative photographs to form
    hideously distorted caracatures beyond the wildest dreams of even the Spitting Image puppet team!
    Useful tool for protest artists in the expression of angst towards corrupt power-broking  individuals.
    Invented by artist Michael St.Mark, 2007.

    Shape-shifter Osborne - "Shifts the shape of the stats, shifts the truth about the shape of life in Britain today."

  • Work No. 752: High Voltage Hovis the Homeless Angel

    Homeless Hovis
    High Voltage Hovis, the Homeless Angel
    c. Michael St.Mark 2015

    Street man Hovis, Old Street, E. London.

    We stooped to chat with this pale and drawn little fellow, sitting next to a high tension line junction box in the rain ( !! )  and who was being ignored nay shunned by most of the mostly smartly-attired young people passing ..and asked to hear his story. He said his street name is Hovis; he's ex-army and fell on hard times after his wife divorced him. Originally from Yorkshire, we suggested it may be a slightly better life up there..
    " Yorkshire's closed", he replied.. " no work", .. "there hasn't been much happening up there since Thatcher closed the pits in the 80s".

    The impression was, here's a  likeable, friendly, humble and innoffensive guy, reduced to wrapping in a silver heat-reflector while squatting on a dirty damp pavement, with an empty polystyrene cup for hope - and on Mothers Day of all days..
    We gave him some money, shook his hand and wished him well.

    Hovis may be a nobody in the eyes of the world - but he wears bright angel wings


    London Dada - "reconnecting art with life"

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