• Work No 774; Zero Hours Zero Rights Zero QOL Kevin

       Photographic Diptych


      Zero Hours Zero Rights Zero QOL Kevin
      c. Michael St.Mark 2015

    From early 2015; Shoreditch High St.

    Streetperson Kevin, formerly in employment on a short term zero hours contract and renting accomodation. When his work term expired and falling behind with rent, his landlord evicted him at short notice ( 2 months ) on hearing about his zero hours work dilemma.

    Indicative of the general situation UK-wide for young people and workers in general. Thatcher Tory government of the 1980s & early 90s having passed punitive legislation undermining many of the hard-gained employment rights of workers and good security of tenure of tenants in the rental sector. Present Tory government compounding, deepening and reinforcing this low wage minimal rights culture, resulting in low QOL ( Quality of Life ) insecurity and stress across the nation, while the top few % enjoy the rich pickings of maximized profit margins and a compliant plantation wage / minimal rights population; all enforced - courtesy of sucessive Tory governments - by the all too real threat and fear of brutal life out on the street.


    QOL; General well-being of individuals and society.
    "Standard indicators of the quality of life include not only wealth and employment but also the built environment, physical and mental health, education, recreation and leisure time, and social belonging " - Wikipedia


    Link to related Work from March 2015; High Voltage Hovis

  • Work No 773; This Green and Pleasant Land VI

      This Green & Pleasant Land VI
      c. Michael St.Mark 2015


    TGAPL V, from earlier this year
    The series dates from 2005

    LONDON DADA, creative multimedia expressions of true perception and fearless criticism of our times. Trailblazing art in the 21st century.

  • Work No. 772; Lady Lady in the Hall..

      Lady Lady in the Hall, Which is the Fairest of Them all?
      c. Michael St.Mark 2015


    Search for the perfect mirror .. and mirror image ( as seen in Hello magazine perhaps )
    John Lewis, Welwyn Garden City

  • Work No. 771; Shades of Paranoia II / TWHSTL XI

    Shades of Paranoia II / TWHSTH XI
    c. Michael St.Mark 2015


    Lady in bus shelter; North Finchley terminus, London N.

    Marking the start of the mini heatwave, end June / early July 2015 and second in the Shades series and
    continuation in " They Who Have Seen the Light" .

    The psychology of sunglasses is fertile ground for social commentary in terms of how chioce of design / style
    can define - along often vaguely menacing cinematic archetype lines - how an individual's character is perceived.


    Link to first in the series, Work no. 329 from 2008
    London Dada -
    true perception and criticism of our times.

  • Work No 770; She don't wanna know M8.

    She don't wanna know m8
    c. Dingo 2015

    Social commentary work.
    Burly tradesman plying his sander tries to make an entrance; ruins a pleasant evening
    ( No peace and quiet anywhere in this desperado / chancer-pervaded metropolis

    * Signed edition purchase details tf

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