• Work No. 730: Billion Man March

    Billion Man March
    c. Michael St.Mark 2015


    Metal staircase to and from platforms, intercity mainline rail station. Stevenage, Herts.

    Another in the London Dada series exploring unconscious art produced by interaction of the general public
    en-masse with urban infrastructure, over time.

    Signed edition of 50 fine art Lightjet prints on archival Kodak Pro Endura
    24"W x 18"H

    £300 ( unframed)


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  • Work No. 729; Time Tunnel

    time tunnel

    ttcropuniversal clock
      Time Tunnel.........................................Universal Clock c. Phil Simmons 2005
       c. Michael St.Mark 2015


    Found oak tree log, cross section.
    Woodland, South Mimms Herts

    Continuing the theme of time travel - a London Dada mini series to co-incide with MKGallery's
    present exhibition " How to Construct a Time Machine"  that links to our Work 404 from 2010
    " Dada Time Machine "

    Given that each of the concentric rings found in cross-sections of sawn trees marks one cycle of
    the seasons - or one solar year, the above "Time Tunnel" represents around 40 years, or
    a virtual peering back to the 1970s, the time when the tree was a mere sapling.

    Digital photograph,(  20 MP file size ) + multi-stage image manipulation in PS

    Available as a signed edition of 25 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura
    24" x 20" (including white border)
    This Work is also available in cropped form ( right )

    £400 ( unframed )

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  • Work No. 728; Now O'Clock

    now o'clocknow watch
    Now O'Clock ( a timely meditation )
    c. Michael St.Mark 2015

    Digitally enhanced overlay collage of photos of an arrangement of diverse wall clocks.
    Lightjet giclee fine art print on Kodak Pro Endura

    20" H x 14" W
    Signed edition of 25

    £350 ( unframed )



    First in a London Dada mini series to coincide with MKGallery's " How to Constuct a Time Machine" exhibition
    ( Linkback to our original " Dada Time Machine" Work from 2010 )

  • Work No 727; Housewives' Choice

    housewives' choice
    Housewives' Choice
    c. Dingo 2015


    Trolly stacks outside a sundry Sainsburys, N. London.

    Social percetion Work commenting on the abundance of choice claimed to be being offered by the large supermarket chains,
    when in actual fact the choice for the average shopper, such as it is, is in volumes ( pack sizes)  and not in prices or in
    variety of brands.

    Availability details tf.

     Artist Dingo - "Seeing/Putting the extra in the Ordinary" TM


    About London Dada

    Banksy cornered!

  • Work No. 726; Sweet Sanctuary

    respite from unremittingly grim
      Sweet Sanctuary
      c. Michael St.Mark 2013


     London Underground  District Line platform; Hammersmith

    The only relief, such as it is, from the unremittingly grim and dehumanizing experience of travelling on
    the capital's rail network; is to strike it lucky in finding the occasional snack & soft drinks kiosk snuck
    begrudgingly away in some cupboard hole in a supporting pillar or else set into a filthy grime-encrusted
    station wall corner, TFL  giving SFA deference to the basic needs and comforts of its long-suffering,
    extortionate fare-paying customers -  oh and try finding a London Underground public convenience
    anywhere below ground.

    The real agenda behind the dash for privatization

    Fatcat profits before people - same old Oxbridge jobs-for-the-boys' snouts-in-the-trough CEO / management ethos.
    London - about the most vibrant capital in the world, yet its  underground network shuts down after midnight even
    on Saturdays, presumably because it's not cost-effective afterwards, forcing crowds of revellers thronging the streets
    to work out a random bus to get home or else pay through the black cab nose.
      Totally uncivilized and 3rd world backwards mentality.
    Go to Paris and spot the (massive) difference in the way the French travelling public are treated. ( Saturday's Metro runs
    through until 2.15am Sunday morning and with vastly superior comfort and facilities )

    If it doesn't make a good profit, cut it.. and sod the travelling public - thats TFL.

    About LondonDada

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