• Work No. 741: What Comes Around Goes Around

    What Comes Around Goes Around
    c. Michael St.Mark 2015

    Found clearing with wooden picnic trestle table, Herts
    Reversal of the popular saying.
    Comment on the absolute interlinked nature of things, forwards therefore also backwards.

  • Work No. 740; Shaken not Stirred

    Hayward tawdryhayward gallery day2
    Shaken not Stirred
    c. Art Axis 2015

    Night view inside the bar / lounge area of the Hayward Gallery from the outside raised walkway,
    past a neon-embellished cement mixer languishing on a wide exterior ledge.

    Comment on the largely tawdry, intellectually pretentious and uninspiring shows Hayward South Bank choose to exhibit,
    year in year out.
    The South Bank: where Chinese dissidents flourish while artists critical of the UK establishment status quo in any way
    get the cold shoulder.

    Signed edition of x 50 lightjet prints on Kodak Pro
    24" x 20"
    £400 ( unframed)

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    About London Dada

  • Work No. 739: The Art Gallery as Art XI

    The Art Gallery as ArtTate Modern
    The Art Gallery as Art VII
    c. Michael St.Mark 2015

    Tate Modern facade composition No 1 , Tate Modern art gallery, Southbank London.

    Recontinuing the series from 2013, positing the art gallery itself has become art; thereby disenfranchising the cronyistic
    culture of  exclusivity, discrimination and one-upmanship that  the heads of  these establishment institutions  practice;
    and thereby democratizing art, bringing it within the reach of everyone.
    " Democratizing Art " TM  ( A term now widely used - and abused - throughout the art world and which was coined by
    artist Michael St.Mark in 2012  )

    Edition of 50 Lightjet fine art prints on archival Pro Endura
    28" H x 19"W
    £350 ( unframed)

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    Linkback to former Works in our Democratizing Art series.

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  • Work No. 738: And We Call this Living II & III

      And We Call this Living II
      c. Michael St.Mark 2015

    All-day breakfast cafe, Enfield Middx. From 2012

    The enemy within
    The Enemy Within
    c. Michael St.Mark 2015

    In a well known fast food outlet. Thamesmead SE2
    ( White flour/ bread / pasta/pizza - even more harmful than sugar.)

    Second & third in our series, exploring public lifestyle choices in 21C UK.
    Linkback to first in the series.


    Two editions of 25 signed Lightjet prints on Ilford Pearl / Acrylic glass
    24"W x 16" H
    24" x 24"
    £450 ( unframed)

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    " For the Dadaist, art is not an end in itself, but an opportunity for true perception and criticism
      of the times we live in"
    - Hugo Ball, founder and father of Dada

  • Work No 737: My Beautiful Life II

    My Beautiful Life II
    c. Michael St.Mark 2015

    Winter tenements; Barrow Island, Cumbria. From 2010

    Second in the series. Linkback to Work No. 410; MBL (2009)

    Edition of 25 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura
    24"W x 18" H

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    " I'm beginning to feel the relentless wretchedness of life pushing me, inexorably, into some vast, vast nothingness - yet curiously and amazingly; its name is freedom" - M. St.M

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