• Work No. 761; Dinosaurs must Fall

    dinosaurs must fall
      Dinosaurs Must Fall
      c. Michael St.Mark 2015

    Arrangement; with copy of real media's ' Daily Mail ' from their Anti Daily Mail week, 13th-20th March 2015
    with reclining plastic model T. Rex sporting names of various popular corporate interest  press & TV MSM
    news channels

    * The slogan, Dinosaurs Must Fall - relating to the pre-election battle  between vested interest mainstream media and free range social media ( in which, as time and technology progress,  there can only be one outcome)  - coined by  artist Michael St.Mark, March 2015.

    " Art, for us, is not an end in itself, but is an opportunity for true perception and criticism of the times we live in "
    - Hugo Ball,  father of Dada.

    About London Dada

  • Work No. 760; Briberry Jam Tomorrow - Dada election special

    Briberry Jam Tomorrow />
      Briberry Jam Tomorrow ( but never jam today,  note. )
      c. Michael St.Mark 2015

    Mixed media Work. From 2014
    Photo collage on toasted white end bread slice, with confiture spread
    Mounted on candy white artists card within a 9" sq passe-partout box frame.
    *Comment on the increasingly desperate daily election pledges from political parties in the run-up to the UK 2015 general election.

    One worldwide; £1,850

    London Dada Archives / Purchase-investment

    "Jam Tomorrow" is an expression for a never-fulfilled promise. It originates from Lewis Carroll's 1871 book Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.[1] In the book the White Queen offers Alice "jam every other day" as an inducement to work for her. "
    - Wikipedia

  • Work No 759; Krab Phone ( It's for you )

    krab phoneLobster telephone2
      Krab Phone ( it's for you )
      c. Michael St.Mark 2015

      Photomontage with ink and graphite. After Salvador Dali's Lobster Telephone.
    Precursor to forthcoming concrete Work ( actual parts linked together as above )

    London Dada's entry for this year's DaliKrab Day; an annual online free range creative art and music fest hosted by Stateside artist Justynn Tyme.

  • Work No. 758; Safe as Houses

    Safe as Houses ( UK Towers; the ConDems' Economic Miracle )
    c. Michael St.Mark 2015


    Demolition site, Lambeth. Alluding to presevation of wealth for the select few, symbolized by the "true blue Tory" safe wall safe ( safe from demolition, wealth safe from banking crises etc ), whilst surrounding supporting structure is reduced  to zero hours nil rights wreckage, ripe for a new fat cat profit private contract / poverty wage / job insecurity economic model to rise from the ruins like a diseased zombie.

    Signed edition of 25 fine art Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura.
    27" x 19"
    £350 ( unframed )

    * Related Work from  2013, midway through the coalition " Building a Better Britain "

    London Dada fast-access archive / works presently released for purchase / investment.

  • Work No. 757; As Close as it Gets II

    As Close as it Gets II
    c. Michael St.Mark 2015

    The archetypal girl-on-a-train/ what might have been-but never was.
    Next up in LD's " world of the lonesome guy" series ( see previous post )

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