• The Door to Equal Opportunity

    Re-visited Work No. 631 from 2012;  this shameful national phenomenon is again highlighted in a damning new report (see link below).

    And as London Dada has highlighted over the past 9 years, Britain is a highly discriminatory employment fascist state in job opportunity lockdown. While only 1% of the adult population and 7% of graduates have attended  private fee-paying  schools, well over half of top jobs in Banking & Finance, Media, Law, PLCs and Politics in the UK are filled by this Oxbridge etc-educated elite, creating and maintaining a time-honoured deeply-entrenched network of cronyism and privilege that controls power and wields influence in this, the most class-divided nation on earth.

    Result - selective promotion from a small talent pool, based on elitism rather than merit, leading inexorably to bad, out-of-touch governance and management, and more importantly fair opportunity denied to millions of gifted young people whose talents are tragically wasted - many forced to spend an entire lifetime languishing in unsuitable low skill work, trapped under the bomb-proof glass ceiling rigorously enforced and gate-keepered by all the major institutions and corporations.

    doors of equal opportunity
     The Door to Equal Opportunity
      c. Michael St.Mark 2012

    Padlocked door pair rendered in two tone blue ( Oxbridge / Cambridge colors )


    To purchase a signed edition fine art print of this Work, link here

  • Work No. 699: Sor'idd.

    c. Michael St.Mark 2014

    About London Dada

  • Work No. 698; Spirit of the Age

    Spirit of the age
      Spirit of the Age
      c. Michael St.Mark 2014


    Illuminated animated cut-out of a smiling hospitality woman; Kings Cross mainline station ( 1 of 2 )
    ... on a mind-numbing 10 second audio loop requesting the public not to take heavy bags onto the escalator

    Signed edition of 25 Lightjet prints onto Kodak Pro Endura
    25" x 21"
    £300 ( unframed )




  • Work No. 697: OAPQ4 the Toy Museum

    Toy Museum
     OAPQ4 the Toy Museum / Reincarnation special IV
     c. Michael St.Mark 1988


    Latest in the reincarnation theme series.
    Linkback to previous Work

    Scan of 35mm film capture of retired people  ( most of whom now probably deceased ); intriguigly seated outside the toy museum at Hever Castle, Kent. From 1988.

    Available as a signed edition of 50 lightjet prints on Ilford Pearl
    10" x 7" ( unframed )


    purchase info

    About London Dada

  • Work No. 696: The Human Condition IV.

    The human condition
      The Human Condition IV. / IKEA Slaughterhouse II
      c. Michael St. Mark 2014

      Latest in the series
       Linkback to THC 1


    Commercial pine logging ground, Galloway Forest Park SW Scotland.


    Signed edition of 25 Lightjet prints on archival Pro Endura paper
    26" x 21"


    About London Dada

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